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Thursday, October 25, 2007


There are two more headlines added here on the left. It's links to websites with genealogy information. I use these websites a lot in my research. It's possible to search in the Ancestry database without paying, but you can only see a partial result list. I do not subscribe to this, unfortunately, so I have to go to the archive to search in it. I haven't been to the archive for about a month now, and I'm not going on Saturday either, so the research questions are piling up. (A big thank you to Nancy, who are helping me in these moments of need)!

I forgot to write earlier that my mother brought with her an article from a local newspaper in Kristianstad. A couple of weeks ago a journalist called me to ask about the Leroy Anderson Centennial next year. The article turned out to be a full page, and very nicely written. He had even been to the house Leroy's father was born in to interview the current owner. It's great that the media is taking an interest in this project.

Today's session in the reading room was not so busy, there were only about four people there. But I had things to do anyway. I was writing a text to have on the official website, about a project we are doing in the stacks. It has to do with the flow of books and book orders (logistics in the stacks). There are several challenges working in an old library and an old house. Adapting modern technology to an old collection is not the easiest. Our database system was not developed for closed collections, so the "order" part of it was added later. It's years ago now, and it still doesn't function the way we want it to.

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