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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Committee meeting

Monday evening I attended a Leroy Anderson Centennial committee meeting. I went directly from work to Kristianstad by train. Like usual, people were very talkative. We had invited a city librarian (who actually used to work in the stacks at the same library I now work at) and a set designer. They both had interesting ideas, and we hope to make use of them for the exhibits and concert on April 26. We have been lucky to get sponsors for the advertising and for some catering on the concert day. There will be hundreds of musicians rehearsing in the morning, and they expect lunch.

There has been a lot going on at work also. Perhaps a little too much. So far this week I managed to miss a scheduled meeting, a huge book transportation project started without prior information to the students (profound mistake) and (this I'm proud of) I managed to prevent a devastating fire in the library. The last thing was very unpleasant, but I would do the same thing again. Someone had, accidentally, turned on the stove in a kitchen that isn't used much, and this wasn't discovered until the smoke was coming through the closed door to the stacks. I found out later that the fire alarm didn't go off because it reacts only to heat, not smoke. Unfortunately, there was a plastic container standing on the stove, so the smoke was very unhealthy. I didn't know this when I rushed in to see what had happened, but I grabbed hold of the melting container, turned off the stove and tried (and failed) to open the window. It wasn't until afterwards I thought of what could have happened if no one had noticed the smoke - it's an old building with lots of books and paper material. I also have to say that the hours of fire drills and education we have endured at work actually helped me - I remembered to keep my head down towards the floor (smoke stays closer to the ceiling). I sincerely hope the rest of the week will be less eventful.

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