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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Many meetings

There have been a lot of meetings this past week. Most of them at work. The staff in the stacks don't usually attend that many meetings, but because of the book transportation project we had to. Previously all the students had to go to the specific library that owned the book they wanted. Now the students can order all the books to be transported to one library. There are 28 libraries at the university. The whole thing was started without any information to anyone. Since we are the biggest library, the students came to us for help when things went wrong. The technical problems have been enormous. Total chaos is the best way to describe the situation at the circulation desk. Not even the most experienced librarians knew what to say to the students when they didn't get their books. I'm so glad I don't have desk duty there.

Yesterday I was at the mall. One of the big discount stores is going to close down and everything was 70% off. The prices were low already from the beginning, so it was incredibly cheap. I bought curtains and clocks! I found some clocks that we can have at the Leroy Anderson exhibit, to illustrate Syncopated Clock.

And I can report that the chocolate fudge brownie turned out pretty well.

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