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Sunday, October 21, 2007


The book lists added here on the left contain a selection of literature relating to Swedish emigration to the United States. There is also some fiction, the most famous author being Vilhelm Moberg. He wrote an epic about a family emigrating in the 1840s. The titles: The Emigrants, The Settlers, Unto a good land and The last letter home. I recommend them.

My mother and her boyfriend Pelle visited me yesterday. My mother, who likes to go shopping almost as much as I, had bought some very nice pictures for my bedroom wall. She even did the job of hanging them there. Pelle helped me getting some electrical things right. I had some problems with the lamp in the bedroom. My mother and I also engaged ourselves in the making of salmon pie for lunch. My mixer (which I use to make the dough) quit working earlier and we couldn't get it to function now either. I will have to add a new one to my Christmas wish-list.

We also made a fairly short visit to the mall in Löddeköpinge. I needed a new lamp in the living room, because I had accidentally broken it when I was going to change the light bulbs.....

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