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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The return of the interns

The interns returned to the stacks this week. They have been in the library for several weeks and have seen all the departments. The last part of their internship they could choose what department to be in, and to our surprise both of them chose the stacks. They seemed to like searching for the books ordered by the students, and they did the job well.

We have also had an international visitor in the stacks. It's a retired German librarian who is engaged in the compilation of an old book collection. He has been here several times before and he needs my help quite a lot to retrieve books. It's a challenge to speak to him, because his English isn't so good. We try to communicate in German..... Not my favourite language, I understand it better than I speak it.

My back hasn't been in such a good shape lately, so I got treatment by my chiropractor. I hadn't been there since June, and it's a long time ago. Normally, I get treatment every three months.

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