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Thursday, November 29, 2007


My colleagues hadn't managed that well during my abscence this Monday. Two of them had attended a party last Saturday and it must have been some party, because they were not able to work on Monday. The story is much longer, really, but I will not bore you with details. Three full-time workers absent meant problems in the stacks, and exactly how the rest of them managed I still don't know. The number of requests are dropping at the end of the year, but there are still many things to do.

There was no hot water in my apartment this morning. Very annoying. I decided not to take a shower, it was just too cold. It functioned again when I came home this evening.

The comments under the November 22 message were written in Swedish, and they were fairly uninteresting. My sister just asked me if I wanted some of the candy she (or her husband) had won in a competition. My sister and mother are really good at coming up with rhymes and slogans for competitions. There are usually flyers/forms in the grocery store where you write a slogan for a particular brand and you can win lots of prizes. Very often these competitions are arranged by makers of hygienical products, coffee/tea and candy. This time she had won about 3 kilos of candy (sort of marshmallow in the shape of small cars). Just this week I found out that I had won a package with DVD:s and chocolate in a store in Ă…hus. It's very nice, and I haven't really done anything to get this, it's my mother who writes my name on the forms. Though sometimes she calls me to get answers to quizzes, if the questions are difficult.

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