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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bedroom renovation

The renovation of my bedroom has finally been completed. It has been a long wait. The renovations started in February, but nothing has been done about it since early summer. This Sunday my father was here to do the last small details. There were some baseboards left on two sides. I'm very happy to get it finished and it turned out very well. The walls are now painted in peach color, the ceiling is white and the floor is covered with wooden floor boards. It was nice to be able to put the rest of the furniture back - at last!

My father and his girlfriend provided the lunch - we had moose! My father is going hunting several times a year, and this moose he had shot himself.

Like most other Wednesdays I went swimming at the indoor facilities in Lund today. I try to go once a week. Not that I enjoy swimming that much, but I really need some exercise. And they also have a large pool with hot water and a nice sauna. In case anyone wondered, there is actually an outdoor pool that will keep open during the winter. This is due to repairs on the main indoor arena in Malmö.

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