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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas tree

Yesterday I went to the archive to do research. I had some minor tasks to solve and managed to find the answers in most cases. The resources are so much easier to search in nowadays than when I started going to the archive 15 years ago. Now there are databases with census records, vital records, passenger lists and much more. Another thing that has become easier is finding living people, since the phone books for many countries are on-line. Researchers also tend to post their family history on the internet, which of course helps a lot in finding relatives. Sending a message today takes minutes. 15 years ago, I very often couldn't even find an address to write to. Things have definitely changed.

I admit that it's a little early, but I have actually put up the Christmas tree. I had to put some things in the storage in the attic, and when I was there I thought that I could bring down the tree. I haven't decorated it yet. It's the first time ever I have had a tree for Christmas. My previous apartment was too small, so I could only have a miniature juniper there.

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