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Monday, April 4, 2011

Trip to Borås

The long weekend in Borås was very nice. I went by train Thursday afternoon and arrived at 7 PM. The relatives from Stockholm, an elderly couple, had arrived there also. They stayed in my mother's apartment and we stayed at my sister's place. Friday afternoon we visited the textile museum. I had been there before, but it was still very interesting. They have old looms and sewing machines and other types of machinery used to process textiles and clothes. We watched a documentary film about a former tailor's shop in the area also. Historically, Borås was known as a textile center, with several factories and many people out in the small villages did sewing work at home. We also looked at a gallery of clothes from the 20th century, arranged chronologically. We recognized many types of clothes from the later decades, of course. Saturday was the big flea market day. First we went to the second hand store my mother works at as a volunteer. They were very busy. We looked at many of the items in the two buildings. All I found to get was a book on baking from the 1940s. The others shopped quite a few things. After a couple of hours we went to another place outside of town, where there are two different stores. After coffee and even more shopping, we went back home again. We got waffles at my sister's place, and later a delicious fish dinner. Somehow I also got time to play with Lego, have a pillow fight and watch a cartoon movie with my nephew. Sunday the relatives returned to Stockholm and I went back to Skåne (by three trains and most of them were on time).

The day at work didn't start well. One colleague was sick and another on vacation. It was a challenge to get everything done in time, but we made it. I could see that the Friday had been challenging also during my absence, because they had forgotten (or hadn't had time) to do several things.

I would say that the weather has changed and it feels much more like spring here now. The flowers of the season are already blooming in the park in front of the library. I don't have to wear my winter coat anymore either. It was a really long and difficult winter and we are all glad that it's finally over.

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Cheryl Palmer said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I noticed you have a few books listed that I may be interested in, thank you! I have some Swedish ancestry. My grandfather came from Viksjö and ended up in Minnesota.