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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping and more genealogy

The weekend was pretty busy. Saturday I was in Malmö to go to my favorite second hand stores. There are two additional train stations in Malmö now, so I can get directly to one of the malls. Rather practical. There was a little shopping done, but new items. An orange colored top and a denim jacket. Sunday I totally missed the fact that the daylight savings time had started. I got to Lund one hour later than I had planned. It was the first visit I made to the library on a Sunday. There weren't that many visitors there, but I was told that normally it was a popular place on weekends. I spent most of the day devoted to the genealogy - both for myself and for others. Monday it was a little difficult to get out of bed because of the time change. Everybody at work seemed to be tired. Since I'm going on a trip later this week, I had desk duty today. It was rather busy. I tried to help a visitor to find a phone number for a person in the same town and that was surprisingly difficult. I actually had to call my boss, who has access to a fee database, to get help. It turned out that I had been given a slightly incorrect name, one letter made all the difference. Thursday afternoon I'm going to visit my mother and sister & family in Borås for a few days. The relatives in Stockholm are coming there to visit also.

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