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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Closet clearing

It has been a fairly normal week at work, but there were a lot of meetings. Not really productive ones, unfortunately. There are many issues with people retiring this year. It's the large 1940's generation that we somehow will have to replace. We have lots of problem solving ahead of us at the library, definitely. I also brought one of the new employees with me on the storage round Thursday. She is the one I hope can replace my colleague doing this job, and she didn't seem totally uninterested. Not even when I showed her the darkest and dustiest storage of them all.

It has been a slow weekend. I have mostly tried to sort my documents and watched sports on TV. Today the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race took place and I woke up so early that I could see the start of it at 8. It was amazing to see 15 000 skiers begin the 90 km journey. Some of them still haven't made it to the finish line (around 11 hours later).

This weekend I have also cleared out more clothes. My friend Eva was here and picked out some of them. The rest will be given to charity.

This upcoming week will be a very busy one. I will work two and a half days and then after lunch on Wednesday I will take the train to Stockholm. I have a meeting to attend to at the university library in Uppsala on Thursday. I will stay with some relatives in Stockholm until Sunday, so I hope to do some touristing also. And shopping, of course. Sunday evening I will get off the train in Hässleholm and go to the summer house, where (if everything goes according to plan) my sister, niece and mother will be staying. After about three days I will return home, since I have to work at least Thursday and Friday of that week.

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