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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vintage store

This past Wednesday the annual book sale started. It's not such a big thing now as it used to be, but there are still bargains to be made. I collect books with chocolate recipes, and I found two different books very cheaply. I also collect books on Swedish emigration, but there are rarely any at these sales. There aren't many published on the subject anymore.

My new glasses that I got this January because my other ones had broken are now also in two pieces. It must be a manufacturing problem. I'm not particularly violent and try to be careful. The optician keeps replacing them without any additional charge, and I'm grateful for it. I must be a very expensive customer. I haven't picked out the new ones yet, but I will shortly.

Saturday I went to several nice stores. I found one vintage store mentioned on the internet, so I went there and found a small place with dresses and jewelry from the 1950s and 1960s. Original pieces. Very special dresses with enormous floral patterns and typical style of those times. I have to bring my mother there later, it was so interesting. The lady owning the store was very talkative and we discussed what flea markets are the best ones and things like that. After this, I took the bus from Lund to a small village to visit a second hand store. It's a large store where the items are very well organized. They also had a book sale and I found one more chocolate book there. Then I continued on another bus to Malmö and had lunch at a large mall. Did some browsing in the clothing stores there, but there was nothing new. The train from Malmö Central was actually on time. The statistics are terrible for the train service in this area. I don't know what explanations they have now, because there is no snow. Still pretty cold, though.

Speaking of snow and generally bad winter weather, I think one of the most fascinating tv-programs is Ice Road Truckers. It's daring truck drivers in northern Alaska, and I cannot believe that anyone would take such risks to earn money. Still, it's amazing to watch. The scenery is spectacular. I just wish they wouldn't broadcast it so late in the evening, I'm always very tired on Friday mornings.

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