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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turquoise items

I have received an invitation to the Nelson Family Reunion in Minnesota in August. I would really like to go, but I don't know if I can. It looks like I will get very limited vacation time this summer. There will be some (unfortunate) staff changes in the stacks this year, and I will have to start teaching the third beginner within a month or so. So there will be three people at the same time, all at different stages of learning. It's going to require an incredible effort. Yet, I can't complain, because I actually got replacements (I never thought I would get three!).

One other job related issue is the fact that I have become a part of a national committee which will have its first meeting in Uppsala in March. We are going to make an inventory of the old material that is suitable for scanning and digitizing. We have quite a few old books that are much in demand and we have thought for a long time that these books should be made available online, so that people don't have to travel from the other end of Scandinavia (sometimes from even more remote areas) to read them. This upcoming week a scholar from Slovakia will visit the library to look at some special books. At least he thinks they are special.

It is rather cold here, and it's not encouraging me to make any trips. Still, I have been in Malmö today. I have been very curious to see the new furniture store that opened in November. It is a store with Austrian furniture, and I have to say it was different from Ikea. The selection of sofas was enormous. Just reading the labels was interesting, in many cases the German text hadn't been translated. The furniture design varied, some things I really wondered if they would get sold, the colors were hideous. I ended up buying some storage boxes made of straw. I had lunch there also, a very nice salmon meal. Then I continued on to a mall and spent a few hours there. I just got some small things, a turquoise colored handbag and a ring of the same color (not intentional, but these items were very nice and I have clothes that will fit).

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