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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book collection finally measured

It has been yet another week with lots of work. It's a pretty tough job to train two new staff members at the same time. One is a complete beginner and the other has been working quite a few hours at the circulation desk. I have great hopes for both of them, they seem interested and able to learn.

I got the last measurements from other departments, so now I know that we have 110 000 meters of material at the library. Excluding maps, microfilm rolls and posters. It was approximately what we thought we had.

The woman who went to East India was really a missionary, she was sent out by the Salvation Army. We haven't found any more details, but perhaps the relatives in Canada will know, and my colleague thinks he can locate them through old letters. Interesting case, I must say. There are also other cases right now, and they are taking much of my spare time.

Yesterday I went to a mall outside Malmö. The spring collections are beginning to arrive, and I got several nice tops in two different stores. Three necklaces on sale for the price of two was a very good deal that I made use of. I also went grocery shopping there and then took the train home again.

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