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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shopping in Malmö

Already February. Time goes much too quickly. We are very busy at work. This year in April/May we will get some staff changes in the stacks, one will retire and another will be on a long leave. I wrote a document to my boss, explaining what will happen if we don't get replacements for these two. I didn't exaggerate. I just stated the facts. Four days later I was told that I would get a part-timer to start training the following Monday. I was also promised another part-timer who will start tomorrow. To say that I was astonished is a great understatement. There is absolutely no money for this. It takes a long time to train someone new and it's appropriate to start now and not after the two people have left. I'm happy to know that my boss (and her boss) listened to me.

Last weekend I was in Malmö. I dared to ride the train to one of the new stations under ground in the city. The train was of course delayed, but people don't seem to care anymore. I have commuted on train/bus every work/school day for more than 24 years and I can stand almost anything. It has even helped me in other areas. I have no problems with crowds, confined spaces or strangers. I hardly react when the elevator at work gets stuck in between floors. The shopping in Malmö went well, I visited one of the largest second hand stores I know of. Found a necklace there. I managed to visit three different malls in the city also and got a blouse on sale. I visited Gray's, the American food store. They have now also food and candy from England. Interesting place with a large memorabilia section, but I just got some peanut chocolate bars.

This weekend I spent Saturday at work. Not to actually work, but to try to catch up on some genealogy projects. One of my colleagues had asked for help, and we found some interesting details about his great grandfather's sister. She had emigrated from Sweden in 1911 and it said that she went to East India. Very unusual, I have never seen that before. I thought that maybe she was a missionary. We found her to be married and living in Canada by 1923, but the question about East India remains. We have to do some more digging here.

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