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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of work

There has been little going on here except for work. The semester started last week and we were overloaded with requests. The students get their reading lists a week or so ahead of the start, so we have had a lot to do. Some days we just barely made the deadline (which is noon). This is with full staff in the stacks.

I got a task to do that will take a while - measure the entire collection. Really, all of it. We actually don't know how many books we have. A rough estimate says 6-7 million volumes. I can't measure this in number of books, though. I have to use shelf meters instead. I asked the newspaper librarian if he knew how many meters of newspapers we have, and he just laughed at me. They are kept in a gigantic storage, and the collection grows about 100 meters a year. I might have to guess at some of the numbers......

My cold lasted about a week, so I am doing fine now. This past weekend I made a trip to my favorite shopping mall outside Helsingborg, Väla. There wasn't much shopping done, but I got some small things and two sleeveless tops on sale. There is a new store near the train station in Helsingborg that sells baked goods and all sorts of candy. I got a chocolate cake there that was very nice.

I have heard from some of my Australian relatives and they are all fine. They were not personally affected by the floods, apart from being sent home from work and experiencing some electricity failures. They are of course shocked by the horrifying scenes and widespread devastation. It will take many years to rebuild and recover. We have had some pretty bad weather also here, but we can stand two months of arctic cold and massive amounts of snow. It is not (supposed to be) a surprise to us. For some strange reason the movie The Day After Tomorrow has been shown on TV here several times during the coldest time. It includes lots of ice and a famous library in New York.....

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