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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bad cold

The week at work has been troublesome. I noticed already Sunday that I was getting sick, but I have worked the entire week anyway. I have a pretty amazing cold, with some additional issues like nosebleed and headache. My back isn't doing that good either. I got treatment by the chiropractor yesterday so now I can lift my hands above my head again. But I'm still sore. My colleagues are really nice and do part of my job too. I have been moving around rather slowly here, and haven't been able to do all the tasks.

The news from Australia are worrying. Several of my relatives live in the areas that are affected by the floods. Bundaberg has been mentioned a few times on the news, and that's where Nils and Elna Nilsson lived, along with their children. All of them are gone now, but there are still relatives in that area. My father and I visited Bundaberg in 1998, and we got to see harvesting of sugar canes, among other things.

Yesterday a short drama series started on TV, based on real events. It caused much commotion in the library world in 2004 when one of the bosses at the Royal Library was found to have stolen valuable books at his job and sold them abroad. He died in a self-inflicted accident before he could be charged. It was interesting to see what they had included in the series, and what they had left out. They had filmed it partly at the Royal Library. It didn't give such a positive image of the librarians there, and I wonder what they have to say about it. It is fiction, but much of it actually happened. It was discussed extensively during breaks here.

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