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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Several flea markets

The outdoor flea market in Lund started several weeks ago, but this Saturday was the first time this year I was there. It has been too cold before. There was a new thrift store nearby that I also visited. I found an EP record there with the Boston Pops/Arthur Fiedler, performing a few pieces (one was Bugler's Holiday). Very unusual to see something like that here. I got it for 5 SEK (less than a dollar). There was a large flea market in the indoor sports arena this Saturday also. It was very crowded, but interesting. I got a few egg cups there.

Sunday my father and his girlfriend came to visit me. For this reason I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning cleaning the apartment and the balcony. We went to the mall and I got flowers for the box and pots on the balcony. My father got me the flowers as a birthday gift, which was nice. I brought down the chair and table from the attic also, so now I'm ready for sunny and warm weather. In the daytime it's about ten centigrades and occasionally sunny. Still chilly in the mornings.

The week at work has been very hectic, like it usually is at this time of year. I have started to teach an intern at the library how to retrieve books also, so we are rather busy. I hope that we will get help from him this summer, in addition to the one who will be hired in May. I have been given permission to take six weeks of leave in August/September, so the planning for a trip to the US has begun. I will leave about August 6-8 and spend about a week in Minnesota, then two weeks in the Chicago area, and maybe a week or so on the east coast.

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