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Monday, April 25, 2011

Injuries and chores

Easter was another four day weekend here, ending today. Very nice to get time off. I have tried to take it easy. Thursday at work I had an unfortunate incident with a metal book end. It had sharp edges and I dropped it on my foot. It caused a minor injury to a toe, but it bled quite a lot and it still hurts. I also tried on my new shoes, and of course I got blisters from them. In addition to this, I have just been to get treatment by the chiropractor, so my back is a little sore. Despite all these problems, I got some things done this weekend. I mended that long cardigan and another top that was ripped when I got stuck in a metal book shelve at work. I also did some translating and genealogy work, cleared out some old clothes, moved some winter clothes to the attic, cooked herring in the oven (first time ever, turned out delicious), disposed of the recycleables, went grocery shopping (twice), cleaned the kitchen (very necessary) and tried to keep the balcony flowers alive in the warm weather (so far successful).

It is a little ridiculous, but they don't empty the mail boxes in my town on weekends. I wanted a postcard to be delivered to my aunt tomorrow, so I had to go to Lund to mail it. While I was there anyway, I took the opportunity to go to the mall. There is a cheap store where I stocked up on hygiene products. Also looked through the other stores, and noticed that many of the clothes I had seen just a few days ago were now sold out. That cardigan, for instance. It was very nice and affordable, so I can understand that there weren't any left.

Today I went to my favorite mall outside Helsingborg. I have been looking for a pair of white leggings or pants for quite a while. I can't believe that it should be that difficult to find any that fit me. I came home with some sleeveless tops instead.

The weather has been very nice this weekend. I have spent some time on the balcony, enjoying it. It seems like the summer has already started here. The trees and flowers are blooming like never before. The train was passing by pretty hills filled with yellow and white flowers. It's around 20 centigrades out and rather sunny. This kind of weather is endurable to me, as long as I remember to bring my sunglasses. In July it will be different, I will be complaining most of the time then.

I need to know if any of my American relatives are thinking of making a trip this way within the next four months - please contact me if you do.

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