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Monday, May 2, 2011

New colleague

The big party weekend in Lund, with 25 000 participants, just passed. The young generation celebrates Walpurgis Night by partying in a park. This year broke all records, not only for the number of participants, but also for the very few issues the police had to deal with. It had been a success, apparently. Even so, I make sure I don't even go near Lund that day. I had planned on spending the weekend at home. There was a note in the staircase saying that my neighbors were going to have a party Saturday and they apologized already beforehand for the noise. They started really early, at 10 in the morning. And they were quite loud. Loud and happy, though. I quickly decided to take the bus to the mall, so that I would escape at least some of it. There were two new stores I had never been to, but they turned out to be not so interesting. There are several empty spaces in the main building, and there aren't that many visitors anymore. The competition is tough from the new malls in Malmö, I think. But it's nice to shop when there isn't any waiting in line. The tulips in the balcony box had completed their life cycles, so I got some new flowers; two yellow ones and two light blue. Apart from that, I didn't get much. When I returned home the party downstairs was still going on. I think they gave up early the following morning.

It's a little colder out now, so I haven't been using the balcony much. They are doing work on the main road through town, so they have rerouted the traffic right past my apartment building. Not very pleasant to get all that traffic here. I hope they finish the work soon.

This past Friday my colleague went on paternity leave. Today his replacement started working, a young woman. She already has some experience from working with our database and at a circulation desk. I showed her some of the storages and also brought her on a tour of the library. It took most of the day and it was rather tiring, but it was a good day to do it, because we had very few requests (most of the students had been too busy partying, probably).

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