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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad week at work

Last week is really a time I would like to forget as soon as possible. It was a terrible week at work. The new employee got sick, one was on vacation abroad, one was sick but physically present (and not very productive), and the two or three remaining staff members worked like mad to get things done in time. Really exhausting. I hardly ever fall asleep in front of the TV, but I did one of the evenings last week.

This Saturday I went with my friend Eva to Lund. We attended a lecture/speech event with several authors. There were both writers of fiction and non-fiction. One talked about her new book project, another read out loud from his book, and another discussed her (and other people's) retirement, for instance. It was an interesting event, the first one of this kind I have been to, I think.

Sunday there was a trunk flea market in Lund. Did some minor purchases, a nice necklace for 10 SEK, for instance. Very cheap. It was windy out and it made commerce a little difficult. Their items sometimes blew away.... I continued on to the mall and got some small things. There is a brand new grocery store near there, and it looked quite nice, but I don't think they can compete with the two other stores.

It's getting rather warm outside, and it has been sunny for a long while now. It's about 20 centigrades. The room where my office is has no air condition and it's already now getting unbearable.

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