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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoes, books and clothes shopping

The weekend was busy, like they often are. Saturday there was a book flea market in Lund arranged by the local Amnesty organization. They always have their books in such a good order. They divide them into categories like History, Geography & travels, Social studies and so on. It's appealing to a librarian, definitely. I spent most of the time going through the books in the History section, but browsed through all the others also. I only got three; a book about Sweden in English, one on emigration and one on cultural history. I was at the sale with a colleague who lives in the same town, and she bought many more books than I. After the sale, a coffee & cake and some chatting, we parted and I went shopping, first in the city and then out at the mall. I found quite a lot, actually. There was a knitted long cardigan that had been slightly torn, so I got it cheaper and will be able to mend it myself. I think I tried on something like eight items in one store, and that is unusual to find that many. Though I couldn't wear all of them, of course. I ended up buying only one item there. Also found underwear at half price off the reduced price at another store.

Sunday I was at the library, mainly to use the computer. I did some research for the trip I'm planning for August/September. Also some genealogy.

Yesterday evening, when I was waiting for the laundry to get done, I read through some of the paper ads you get in the mail several times a week. I noticed that there was a pair of shoes for sale at a store in Malmö that I might be able to wear. They were sandals with adjustable front almost all the way. I have serious problems finding women's shoes, my feet are both long and wide. I knew that if I would have a chance at buying them I would have to go there right away, so this afternoon I left work early and took the bus to Malmö. They had two pairs left in my size (EU 42=US 11) and I got both. They were cheap and might not last that long, but it doesn't matter.

When I was in Malmö anyway, I went to some other stores also. I found a blouse at half price off the reduced price, so it was really affordable. There is, by the way, a saying in our family that none of us rarely makes a purchase if the item is sold at full price. So true. After this extensive shopping, I had dinner at TGI Friday's. A very nice bacon hamburger and mud pie for dessert.

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