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Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy week

It has been a little difficult to get through this week. Lots of things have been going on here. One of the most interesting ones was the annual meeting of the social club. We have to have a public meeting once a year, to elect new board members. Usually about eight people show up. This time we asked a colleague to give a speech on a historical person after the meeting, and it proved to be a success. We were more than 20 attending the event. There was food served afterwards, and that was also appreciated. It was the first time I had acted as a chairperson at such a meeting, and I think I managed to get everything right.

This week I have been involved in the process of interviewing people for a position in the stacks. I have never had to do that before. I was completely unaware of how it works. It has been an interesting experience. We will interview about ten people, and hope that one of them will be able to learn the trade very fast. I really want vacation this summer. I have applied for six weeks of leave.... I was thinking of spending one week in Minnesota, two weeks in Chicago and one week in New York. I will know next week if I get all the vacation I want.

My birthday passed by almost unnoticed. My parents called me and I got a few cards in the mail. Some delayed e-mails too. For the coffee break today (a few of us arrange coffee and sandwiches every Friday) I baked peanut butter chocolate cookies. They were praised. Surprisingly easy to bake, but next time I will try not mistake the baking soda and the vanilla.

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