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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visit to Ystad

Tuesday afternoon I was on a two hour visit to Sweden's most boring town - Eslöv. It's just north of Lund and it's a place you pass by, never visit. There is nothing there to do or see, really. I had searched on the internet for a plus size brand and found out that there are more stores in Skåne offering this than I thought. One store is in Eslöv, so I took the train there. It was only a small part of the collection that was plus sizes, but almost everything was on sale. I got one top there and then checked out the other stores. One, a clothing store primarily for elderly women, had a talkative sales assistant, and she gladly picked out the pieces that she thought would fit me. She was actually right. I got two tops there and then went back to Lund to have dinner at a restaurant I had never been to before. Very nice bacon cheeseburger.

We were very few people running things at the library this past week. I got two desk duties instead of the normal one, and I was on call the other days. We did manage quite well, but I had to skip the morning break.

Yesterday I was on a very nice visit to Ystad, a picturesque town in southern Skåne, on the coast. It's an old town with small houses in pastel colors with narrow cobblestone alleys. It's known for having a film studio where they make films in the detective story genre, called Wallander-films (after the detective). Some of the films are shown in other countries. There are many tourists here, also because there are direct trains from Copenhagen and a ferry going to Bornholm (a Danish island situated southeast of Skåne). The shopping area is rather large for being such a small town, but that's because there are so many tourists. There was a flea market in one of the squares, and I got a Tupperware bowl there, a whipping bowl with a lid, that I had been wanting for quite some time. She asked 20 SEK for it, and that's a ridiculously low price. For clothes shopping, I got a lavender colored top and a turquoise-green blouse. They have a little different types of stores in Ystad than the big towns and it was fun to go browsing there. Lunch was a baked potato at a cosy book café. I also found, to my great surprise, that particular kind of sandals I have at work, Green Comfort. There are no better shoes. The inner sole is made of a gel-like substance so the foot sinks down and the shoe forms itself after my foot. Very expensive, but worth it. Now I don't have to go to Denmark to get them.

All this clothes shopping has meant that there are no more hangers in my closet..... And no room for any more either..... Even though I have just given my friend Eva some clothes, there is a great abundance of items. I will give some things to the charity shop, and also to my aunt. Recycling is the best way.

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Anonymous said...

Eva är väldigt glad över de kläder hon övertagit!