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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Train delays and cancellations

I don't think it has ever happened that I have posted two entries the same day. But this has been an extraordinary day. I started from Kävlinge at 4 PM, changed trains in Lund and got as far as Eslöv. We were told that there was no power on the line between Hässleholm and Höör, so the trains had to terminate in Eslöv. We all got out and went to the bus terminal, where there were supposed to be buses for us. Every normal person could understand that there is no way they could find that many buses. There are at least four departures an hour going past Hässleholm, each containing hundreds of passengers. The train I went on was triple the normal length - it was rush hour. I spent three hours in Eslöv and then gave up, went back to Lund and had dinner at Burger King (no food at the apartment), and returned home. I have just written a very angry message to the train service company. If they had had the sense of telling us that the train wouldn't go further than Eslöv before we embarked on the train, I would have made it. I would have taken the other route from Lund, going to Helsingborg instead and changed trains there to Hässleholm, and further on. A detour, but it would have worked. No one said anything about this, and that's what is bothering me the most. There are alternative ways, but the train crew/station announcer didn't even hint this fact. There is even a bus from Lund that I could have taken, if I had known about the problem. I really hope they have fixed it by tomorrow. I will make a new attempt then.

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