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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tour of the library

It has been a fairly slow week at work, even though we have had quite a few requests. I have also tried to clear my desk. Books and papers have a strange tendency to pile up on my desk.

Wednesday at noon I walked down to the Church of Dome to meet the Andersons. They had arrived on the train just before that. Keira had a friend from college studying here, and she and her boyfriend joined us for lunch at a pizza place. Afterwards we walked (in rain) through LundagÄrd (park) up to my library. I brought them to the basement level and showed the oldest collection of books. They were also shown my messy desk, one floor of the stacks, the large rune stone in the entry hall and the manuscript reading room. After this express visit I walked with them to the station and they just barely made it on the intended train back to Kristianstad. It was very nice to see them again, and it seemed like they were enjoying their visit to Sweden. They went to Germany by train early the next morning.

Friday morning I woke up with a neck ache, probably from sleeping in an odd position. I have slept in my new bed for a few weeks and I'm not totally agreeing with it yet. The ache has actually become worse, now it hurts all the time and I can't find a way to sit/stand without feeling the pain. I can't even stand up straight. I went online to find my chiropractor (who has moved), and managed to get an appointment on Monday afternoon. It's the last weekend with the summer pass and I thought I would go somewhere, but the pain and the rain have kept me inside. It has been raining the entire day.

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