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Monday, August 23, 2010

Start of vacation

Sorry about the long silence. The last week at work before my vacation started Thursday was a little crazy. I actually couldn't go to work last Monday because of my bad back ache. The chiropractor said he had never seen my back in such a condition. And all this because I had been sleeping in my new bed..... Really annoying. My back is a lot better now. Tuesday and Wednesday were busy days, trying to get the others updated and making sure things would function during my absence.

Wednesday evening I went to my mother's place by train and bus. Thursday my sister and her family arrived. Friday her in-laws arrived also. We have had a full house. We haven't been extremely active, but still we have been in Åhus (flea market, art glass factory, shopping street and marina), to the beach (John would throw himself into water of any temperature it seems) and to the museum train (Brösarp - S:t Olof round trip in an old third class train with a steam engine from 1914 - a fun ride)! We have also been picking mushrooms and blackberries. The weather has been quite nice until today when it started to rain. I returned home this evening by train.

As you can probably imagine, my efforts to make things work at the library were useless. I read my work e-mail this evening. I have been away for three days and things have already gone straight to hell. I got a message saying they can't even make the deadline this week. I lack words.

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