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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Museum visit

Since I was in Lund anyway last Tuesday to get treatment by the chiropractor, I went to the library also to see what was really going on there. They had actually managed to rearrange things so that it was functioning better, which was a relief. There were very few staff members that week and the semester is about to start, so they were busy. I did some chores while I was there, but not a lot.

Wednesday I spent the entire day at the archive. It was for one of the projects I have started on, emigrants from other parishes. Thursday was a busy day. I worked in the morning (one of the others had to be elsewhere). At noon about 30 librarians went by bus to a museum near Skurup. It's a memorabilia museum with lots of different things like old cars and bicycles, interiors from several kinds of businesses; bank, hair dresser, smith, carpenter, general store, book binder and car mechanic. Many things from the 1950s and a special exhibit on wooden toys. Also other strange items such as a barrel organ and a balcony from an old theater. Very interesting place. We had coffee and cakes there also. After returning to the library, we had drinks outdoors and then we walked downtown to have dinner at a restaurant. More people attended this event, about 40. It was a buffet with chicken, cold cuts, salmon, potato salad and vegetables. High quality food. The excursion was yet another success arranged by the social club - and surprisingly easy to make bookings for (I did all of it). The biggest problem is finding a restaurant that can have up to 60 seated people and agree on a menu that all of them can eat. It worked out very nicely this time.

Most of Friday I spent cleaning the apartment and trying to get things more organized. The new Ikea catalog had arrived, and I started to make some plans for the bedroom. Even though I have thrown out several bags of clothes, I need more storage space. I'm thinking of getting one more wardrobe. I also want to get a new mirror in the hallway and some other small items. Yesterday I went to the mall to see what the other furniture stores had to offer and there were some really nice items there. Much more expensive than at Ikea, though, but I wanted to compare.

It seems like the fall weather has arrived. It's colder, rather rainy and windy. It's difficult to get used to after such a warm summer. I also have a cold, and it's not making things better.

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