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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Various items

It's not so warm anymore, about 20-22 degrees. Much more pleasant. Saturday I was in Helsingborg to try to find a pair of sandals to have at work. There is a certain Danish brand that I would like to have, and I used to get them in a store that has moved and no longer provides them. It actually seems like I will have to go on a shopping trip to Denmark. I haven't been there in two years! Perhaps on my vacation. I'm thinking of postponing my vacation by one week, so it starts August 23 instead of 16. I am also thinking of making a trip abroad, but no decisions yet.

This Sunday it was very windy and it ruined the business for the people at the trunk fleamarket in Lund. They had to hold on to the goods and the blowing sand made it difficult for the customers. I didn't get anything.

Yesterday my mother and a friend of hers, both with summer passes, went by train to Ikea outside Malmö. In the afternoon they came to Lund and we all went on a short shopping round to the most interesting stores. We also had a light evening meal at a bakery. Just before 7 PM we all took different trains home.

There were 22 projects on the to-do list this summer. We have finished two of them. Actually, I did both. We started on one that we had to give up because we needed assistance from another librarian who is still on vacation.

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