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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot weekend

Incredibly hot weather this past weekend. 32 degrees on Saturday and 33 on Sunday. Very humid also. To put this into perspective, the Swedish record is 38 (=100 F). It was that hot in Småland back in 1933. We are not used to this kind of weather. We do not generally have air conditioning in our apartments. I certainly don't. Basically, I spent the weekend sitting on the balcony, drinking water and eating all of the ice-cream.

Despite the outdoor temperature I took the bus to the mall Saturday. Both had functioning air condition, luckily. Some of the flowers on my balcony didn't make it, so I wanted new ones. There were of course also summer sales in most stores. I just got a little bit of shopping done.

The hot weather meant some pretty powerful thunder and lightning Sunday evening. A heavy rain followed by double rainbows also. There was a power outage in Lund. When I got to work Monday morning there was no ventilation. I was ready to turn in the doorway. They got part of it fixed, so we could actually breathe indoors. But it wasn't possible to sit in my room, not even with three windows open. I spent as much time as possible in the basement. I also drove the storage round, so I was away for a few hours. I got out of there early, because it was pointless to stay and try to do anything useful. The heat affects the ability to think. I made several mistakes at work and also forgot that I was supposed to do laundry Monday evening.

Both yesterday and today after work I have been to the mall in Lund. I forgot to measure the mattress, so I had to go back again in order to get the right sized bedding for it. Got some new bathroom towels also. All in blue color.

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