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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot weather

It's getting hot here. It's 26 centigrades according to the newspaper, but it feels worse. I have to drive the storage round for another five weeks in a car without air condition. There can't be much ventilation in my room either. It's tough summers in the stacks.

Wednesday evening my new bed arrived. My father and one of the neighbors in Furuboda drove it here on a trailer. We carried it up three floors. The frame is made of steel and very heavy. We had to rest at every floor. But the bed is finally in place. It will need some new bedding and also something to protect the wall behind it. Afterwards we also drove the old bed to the recycling place. Glad to get rid of it. After sandwiches and coffee the two guys returned home (they rushed to get back in time for the world cup football game).

It's my turn to sit at the desk in the manuscript reading room today. There is a total of one visitor. Not that exciting, I must say. People are at the beach instead, probably. During the summer it happens that we get unusual requests. The latest one is from a scholar in Argentina, asking for information on Swedish people who emigrated there. He only had their names, and finding the Nils Andersson he asked about just wasn't possible. But some of the others I managed to get the origin for. A few thousand Swedes went to South America around 1880-1920, many of them became farmers. There are still Swedish-speaking people there.

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