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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weather changes

The warm weather stayed until Sunday. It has been very pleasant. About 20 centigrades and sunny. When it gets warmer in July (?) it's too hot to even think. Today the rain has poured down the entire time, though. Very strange weather this year.

The sunny weather inspired me to get some strawberries in the market. They were not Swedish, it's too early still. But even so, they tasted really good with chocolate icecream and whipped cream.....

This Saturday I started at the flea market (got some Tupperware items), continued at the market in the square (got apples and carrots), and then spent the afternoon at work (to use the computer). It's a rather practical routine, because I can get fresh vegetables from the market and place them in the kitchen at work, to have with the lunches the following week.

Sunday was mainly cleaning and laundry day. My mother is coming to visit again and part of the apartment wasn't presentable. Sunday was also our national holiday, sometimes called the Swedish flag day. I didn't notice it that much. There were some programs on TV with music and speeches.

It might take about a week before the next entry gets written here. My mother and I are going on a weekend trip on Thursday. More details later.....

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