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Monday, June 21, 2010

Royal wedding

Saturday was a big day for the crown princess Victoria of Sweden. She finally got her prince - Daniel. They were married in Stockholm and everything was broadcast live from early morning until after midnight. There were 500 000 people in town to cheer as they rode in horse carriage through the streets afterwards. Even I, who am not that interested in royalty, watched a fair bit of the ceremony on TV. It was a magnificient wedding, without a doubt. The greatest thing was that it was very obvious that they married for love. Not always a given thing in royal circles. It was reported that the guests had a great time and the last ones left at five the next morning. It must have been quite a party.

My own Saturday morning was spent shopping. I don't think anyone is surprised at this. I started at the flea market in Lund and then took the bus to Malmö. I had heard of a store that sells beads and other items to make your own necklaces, bracelets etc. It was a very busy place. The woman in front of me in line bought beads for over 1300 SEK. That's a lot. I bought clasps for my mother, and didn't even spend one tenth of that amount. I went to some more shops in town, but there wasn't much else of interest, so I went back home to watch TV.

Sunday I went shopping again, this time in Helsingborg. There is a trunk fleamarket on Sunday mornings, and it was the first time I was there. Quite far to walk from the station and I didn't get much - a Tupperware bowl. Then I took the bus to the mall at the opposite end of town. I hoped that the stores with plus sizes would have a sale, but only one of them did. I got some small things there and then went back home again.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. Very annoying. It's still sore and I guess it will turn into a bad cold or something. I'm consoling myself with chocolate ice-cream, but it helps very little.

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