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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer sales

Monday morning my mother returned home, and I went to work like usual. I was a little tired, but not too much. My colleagues enjoyed the candy I had bought in Germany. It has slowed down at the library now. It seems like most of the students have left town. The scholars, however, are still here. They challenge us by asking for rather obscure material. At the end of the semester we have lots of returns, but this year we have had a better situation than other years. We are in sync with everything, actually. There is of course a list of about 18 summer projects we have to do, so we will not be idle.

This Tuesday the summer pass on the trains and buses was introduced. It's a card for the entire Skåne region and it lasts for two months. The card I normally get is only valid between Kävlinge and Lund, so other travel is usually limited during the year. Apart from using it for regular travel to and from work, I also make excursions to other places. I started already the first day by going by bus after work to the second hand store in Åkarp. I found some Swedish style souvenirs there. Then I continued on another bus three stops to the big mall at Burlöv. There the stores had started the summer sales (it's early, they start next week normally). I found a pair of jeans at an affordable price, and also two tops.

Wednesday afternoon I was in Malmö. I visited my favorite store there, Gray's. It's a store that sells American style food, candy, and memorabilia. I got some chocolate bars. One jewelry store had everything half price off, and I got a necklace and matching bracelet.

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