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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Midsummer weekend

It took two and a half hours to get to my mother's place. The bus from Kristianstad was delayed already from the beginning. Lots of people were going to Åhus, the nearest beach is there.

It has been a wonderful weekend. Perfect weather in my opinion. Warm, but not stifling hot. Fairly sunny, with some clouds. I relaxed in the folding chair on the deck for a while. We were really quite active. We (my mother had two friends visiting also) walked to the beach several times (very cold water), we participated in the quiz walk arranged by the home owner's association (we didn't win) and we rode bikes to the forest to see how far the blueberries had developed. Friday, Midsummer's Eve, we watched the folk dancers perform some of the old Swedish dances, with complicated movements and turns. The costumes were very pretty, but must have been very hot - most of the fabric is wool. When they had finished the performance they invited the kids to join them in "Små grodorna" [Little frogs] and other easier dances around the maypole. In the evening we had the traditional food. Pickled herring, eggs, potatoes, sour cream with chives, crisp bread and cheese. Ice-cream and fresh strawberries for dessert. Very delicious.

Both Saturday and Sunday we had lunch at Furuboda. Pretty good food also there and it's a buffet, so you always eat too much. This afternoon I returned home by bus and train.

This upcoming week I will work two days and then go back to my mother's place. It's time for the annual flea market at Furuboda (it's on Friday) and she is the main organizer. There are more items than ever before, so it's going to be hard work.

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