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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty bad cold

I was right. I have had a pretty bad cold the entire week. Nothing to stay at home for (no fever), but I have worked shorter hours and have avoided the heaviest chores. Another colleague is also sick (the same thing), but the weakling has been at home all days this week. It's a man.

Starting this week the library has shorter opening hours. This gives us more time to do other things. We have started on more projects; rearranging collections, moving collections, and making lists of certain books. Most of these projects have to take place in the storage facilities, because that's where the messy collections are. Not fun at all, but necessary.

It seems like the summer weather has finally arrived. It's rather warm, about 20 centigrades, and sunny. This is the time when I start to think it's generally unpleasant. I can't stand hot climate. I hardly ever take vacation in mid-summer.

This upcoming weekend is the Midsummer holiday. We have Friday off, so I'm going to visit my mother on the east coast this evening after work. The bus now goes all the way down to her village, so she will not have to come and get me in Ă…hus. But the trip (train+bus) is going to take two hours.

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