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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second hand items

It has been another week with lots of returns and also three meetings. Two ordinary ones and one more on Dewey. We discussed how on earth we will cope with changing all the call numbers on 70 000 books. We decided that we can't. We will have to make the current collection a "dead" one and start over with the number system next year. The problem is space. There will be more meetings on this subject, I'm sure...

The weather here is not very spring-like. It's still not warm. The far northern part of Sweden has had better weather than we have down here. It's windy and rainy. I hope it improves quickly, because we will have a picnic on Wednesday.

This weekend I have been in Lund both days. Yesterday I went to a closing-down sale. It was a gift shop and they had Swedish style souvenirs more than half price off. I did some shopping there, and I also got some office materials. The second hand store in Lund had a pizza plate of the same kind I had dropped on the floor a few months ago, so I got that one. I went to a book shop and noticed several used books on emigration. When I looked at them more closely, I noticed that they were rather unusual for being sold here in Sweden. It was mainly local histories of small towns in North Dakota and Minnesota, for instance. Also some cookbooks with Scandinavian-American recipes. Some of them had a dedication on the title page. I just stared at the names - Karin and Stig Johansson. I know where those books came from - my distant relatives who both died within the last two years. I had only met them once and weren't able to communicate with them because of their poor health, and it's really sad that their books ended up there. In the 1970s and 1980s they had made several trips to the US (without having relatives there) and the books they bought ended up being a fair sized collection. I bought three of them now, and might go back for some more later.

Today was another trunk fleamarket in Lund. I bought some necklaces (to get the beads) and a book (fiction) on Swedish gold diggers in Alaska. I will give the book to my father. He has been talking about going to Alaska some day.

This evening has been very busy. I started cooking and for some strange reason half an onion ended up behind the stove. It was very slippery..... I couldn't get to it, so I finished cooking (sausage stew and rice - tasty) and then moved the stove. The wall behind it looked terrible, so I decided to clean. The mess extended into the actual kitchen also, so I continued cleaning the floor with a mop. And then I also did the bathroom floor. It was hard work and I was exhausted afterwards. The whole apartment now smells of lemon.

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