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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping at Ikea

Friday I had to work and we were rather busy. I did another person's job also, but I could leave at about 2 in the afternoon. I managed to go grocery shopping and clean some more in the apartment before my mother arrived at 6 in the evening. She had brought small photos of Olga, and I will use them in the biography. It's a long-term project, and I have no time plan, but it's moving forward.

Saturday it was raining unbelievable amounts, so the only thing we could do was to go shopping. Not that it's a problem, but still. I had heard of a second hand store in Åkarp, but had never been there. We made this our first stop and it turned out to be a large and well organized place. My mother found a small table for her deck at the summer house. After this, we drove to Ikea in Malmö. It's a new building and probably one of the biggest Ikea stores in this country. This was my first visit at the new place. It was packed with people, not only from Sweden, but also from Denmark. We started with having a very nice lunch and then we walked the long round in the store looking at furniture and other things. I tried their beds, and found (to no surprise) that the most exepensive one was also the best one. They had wooden floor boards (in the shape of small squares) for sale there, and after some calculating and measuring, I got seven packages. After several hours at Ikea, we were tired and went home.

This morning we cleared out my attic space. We brought cardboard boxes, an old lamp, damaged kitchenware and other things to the recycling place on the other side of town. It's strange how much junk finds its way up to the attic, and it was great to get rid of it. Then we went north to the fleamarket town of Marieholm. We went to three places there, but I was the only one who made a purchase - two egg cups. This afternoon we have been busy cleaning the balcony and laying the floor boards there. It looks much better than the grey concrete. We have also replanted some of the flowers. Meaning that my mother did it and I cleaned up afterwards. For dinner we had pizza and then my mother drove home to her place again.

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