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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of meetings

It has been a week of meetings. Not the most constructive ones, but we have to pretend we are deciding something. The best one was the social club board meeting, where we greeted two new members and managed to decide on a date for the picnic and the destination for the fall excursion. Both items will be kept a secret for now. At the stacks meeting I handed out a 17 item project list for the summer. When I wanted volunteers for these projects, there was silence. It will take some persuasion to get those things done. The third meeting was about the problems we will encounter when we start using Dewey as a classification system next year. We will have to rearrange the entire open collection (70 000 books) and the reference section (30 000 books). It's not only a question of moving them physically, we have to change the entry in the catalog also. There are several issues left to solve. We have absolutely no staff for this. We have no room to rearrange anything either. The number one rule about libraries is the fact that they never cease growing.

Today I have been in Helsingborg. One of my favorite places to go shopping. I located a second hand store I had never been to before. I had to take the bus from the station, and that's always interesting. They drive like mad in that town. You have to hold on tight even though you are sitting down. But I survived the trip and found the store to be quite large and packed from floor to ceiling with all sorts of things. Clothes, furniture, china, kitchen utensils, books, and much else. I got two egg cups and a table cloth. Unfortunately, the owner was aware of what things were worth, so it wasn't possibly to make any great finds. I continued on another bus to the mall to have lunch. Also did some minor shopping there. The weather was kind of bad, so the mall was really crowded. On the way back I stopped by at the café in 1950s style and got a piece of chocolate cheese cake with orange flavor topping to go. I can't make cakes like that.

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