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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trunk fleamarket

Sunday I got out of bed fairly early and went to Lund to go swimming at the indoor pool. I missed it the previous Wednesday because I forgot the swimsuit at home. There were lots of people Sunday, but it was ok anyway. Just behind the building there is a football field, and this day there was a "trunk" fleamarket. People park their cars at the sides of this field, open their trunks and sell items from there. Most of them had a table in front also. The prices were very low, and I got two pairs of short pants and some necklaces.

The only thing worth writing about from the work place is the cake we got Wednesday. Monday morning we received the 10 000th article request. We have had this service for two years and it's very popular. We work hard with it and we told our boss that we expected cake to celebrate. She complied.

Today is Ascension day, a holiday. I have spent a few hours at the mall Nova, but didn't get much. I have been looking for some sort of floorboards for my balcony, but haven't decided on any yet. I need some assistance getting it home, so I have to wait until either of my parents visits. My mother has actually been talking about coming here this weekend. For this reason I have also spent a fair amount of time tidying up in the apartment today.

The flowers on the balcony are still alive, even though the weather has been pretty bad. Lots of rain and colder than usual in May. We are really waiting for better times here.

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