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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peanut butter cookies

The end of the work week was rather busy because we had to move back all the furniture and everything else to our room. I was very happy to get my computer back. Friday was half working day, but I stayed longer to get things in order on my desk. For the morning coffee I had baked peanut butter cookies. It was a somewhat delayed celebration of my birthday. The cookies turned out pretty good, so there were no leftovers.

Friday was Walpurgis night, which is the time when we light bonfires and celebrate the arrival of spring by singing. This is the traditional way, at least. In Lund they have an additional tradition including astronomical amounts of alcohol. The students occupy the city park, drink, sing, play and go crazy. It looks like there have been riots afterwards. I avoided all of it.

Saturday was May 1st, which is our Labor Day. The day for political speeches and union demonstrations. Neither interests me, so I went shopping at the mall instead. I got some flowers for the balcony. When I came home I got the furniture down from the attic and placed it on the balcony. I made a mess in the kitchen when I planted the flowers, but now there are pink, white and blue flowers in the box and on the table outside. Let's see how long they survive.

The mess in the kitchen meant that I had to start this day by vacuuming. I also did the laundry and went grocery shopping. Necessary, but not worth writing about, really.

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