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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aunt's party

Sunday I travelled to the village where I was born, Övarp. It required three train trips and then my uncle had to come and get me at the station. The event was my aunt's birthday party. In her opinion, birthdays should always be celebrated and missing one is unheard of. At the party I met some rarely seen relatives and friends. We had a good time talking and eating. The princess torte was very nice.

The work week has been somewhat out of the ordinary. We (four people working in the stacks) haven't had access to our desks or computers. The carpet in our room had to be replaced and that has taken four days. In the meantime, I have used another computer to check my e-mails, but haven't been able to access my documents or the special programs we use for the requests. It has been difficult to rearrange the work for all of us and we have felt a little lost, but we have kept busy shelving. It is my turn to drive the storage round this week and like all other occasions, it hasn't been fun.

There are more ashclouds coming, but we don't know how that will affect airtravel yet. The weather is a little warmer and more like spring, about 10-12 centigrades and sometimes quite sunny.

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