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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dark clouds

Thursday evening I went to a show at the theater in Lund. My sister had given me a ticket for Wear it like a crown. It was a small but very advanced circus show. The acrobatic numbers were performed by a woman who had an incredible strength. There were juggling with knives and chainsaws, balance acts and crazy things. The entire show had also an undertone hinted by the title - it's a song about facing your fears. Very interesting show, and I'm glad I got to see it.

The same evening the dark, ominous clouds with volcanic ash started rolling in over Scandinavia. With them came a cold wind. The volcano in Iceland is increasing in intensity and they are worried that one of the big volcanos will wake up also. The ash prevents airplanes from flying. 16 000 flights per day have been cancelled to, from and within Europe. Millions of people suddenly found themselves unable to go home from their trips. In my little corner of the world there have been lots of transportation problems. The bus and train companies have worked day and night to get extra drivers and vehicles. The long distance trains have been double in length and it still hasn't been enough. I saw on the display at the station in Lund that all the long distance trains were delayed, and that's no wonder. The ferries to mainland Europe have also been overcrowded. Even freight ferries have taken passengers.

According to the media here, the volcano can stay active for years. No one has planned for such a scenario. I'm sure there will be some long term effects of this. Several of the airlines will have to be rescued by their governments, for instance. Again. In a wider perspective, it's probably useful for us to be reminded of the fact that we cannot control nature.

This weekend has been similar to the last one, but I only made it to one flea market. Saturday I went (early) to the one in Lund. I got a handbag very cheaply, 10 SEK. Then I spent the rest of the day at work to continue with the emigrant lists. Today I did the laundry, went grocery shopping and did some cooking (sausage casserole).

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