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Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping in Helsingborg

I took this week off from work, because I have too much overtime. I planned on maybe getting some new projects started, but I haven't come far on any of them. Wednesday I basically rested, but I also managed to unpack my luggage, change curtains, cook lunches and clean the balcony window and the balcony rails. It's soon time to get the furniture down from the attic and plant some flowers in the box also.

Thursday I went by train and bus to a mall outside Helsingborg. I haven't been there in a long time, and was happy to see a new clothing store for women of impressive size. I bought a blouse on sale and a knitted vest. There is also an Ikea-store in the next building, and I got a bright orange bath towel and a jar of cloudberry jam there. In the evening I noticed that I'm getting sick, and that was rather unexpected. My sister and her family members were all sick, but it's three days ago I was there, so I kind of wonder why this happened now. It seems to be a mild cold so far, and I hope it will not get any worse than this.

Today at noon I went to work to use the computer and search for some books on emigration. I didn't get much done. My colleagues wanted to tell me (in detail) how much they had missed me. For some strange reason the requests to stacks have been higher than normal this week. From 280-300 per day to over 400 (only counting the locally generated requests, so the numbers are really higher). In other words, it was bad timing to take this week off.

I would like to thank you for all the birthday greetings I have received, both on- and off-line!

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