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Sunday, April 11, 2010

More shopping

Saturday I went to Lund to go to the first flea market for the season. I got there a little late (it opens at 7 AM), so there wasn't that much left to look at and I didn't buy anything. The rest of the day was spent at work, and this time I actually got something done. I have started on a few projects involving emigrants from some parishes near where I was born. I have already done a few parishes, but I thought I would do some more in that area; Hjärsås, Fjälkestad and Gumlösa. I have just started, but I can see already now that the first two parishes will be very large. One interesting problem is the fact that most of the parish records before 1861 for Hjärsås have been destroyed by fire. I can still find the names of the emigrants in the passenger lists 1850-1861, but I can't get any other information, like birthdates and birthplaces.

Today I visited another flea market, in Drottningtorget (a square), Malmö. It starts at 9 AM, and I managed to get there about an hour afterwards. The best finds are to be made in stalls where ordinary people have cleared out their attics and sell items at ridiculously low prices. They have generally no idea what things are worth. And this is despite the fact that the Antiques road show is a very a popular TV program here. I got some small things, a necklace for 10 SEK, a porcelain cream pitcher for 10 SEK and a porcelain dish for 10 SEK. Very low prices. The dish was from a well-known manufacturer, but the 20s-something guy who wanted to get rid of it didn't know that.

After the flea market I continued on to the mall called Entre. Made some purchases there, a pair of shoes and a dress, for instance. The piece of pecan pie I got at a café there was incredible. The chicken pizza I had for lunch was also pretty good.

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