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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Issues at work

I still have back issues. It seems to be mainly a muscular inflammation. My mother, who has had the same problem, said it will take at least three weeks before it's healed. Sigh. I can't say I have done much at work, my poor colleagues have been forced to do my chores also. Right now I can't lift my hands high enough to get the books down from the top shelves. But I'm stubborn and try anyway.

Tuesday I had a serious discussion with the highest boss about my future at the library. She wanted to know if I intended on staying there, and I said yes. She also asked what changes, if any, I wanted to see happening, and there were a few things mentioned. More staff to shelve the books and more staff to help in the upcoming move, for instance.

This week I also managed to bring three bags with unwanted items to a charity shop in Lund. There might be some more things to get rid of later.

The social club at work will arrange a Christmas party next week and the preparations have been extensive. We usually have it at a restaurant, but this year we will be at the library. It means a lot more work for the board members, since we have to set the tables, order food, arrange entertainment and clean up afterwards. We had a meeting today to discuss the details and decide who will do what. We are seven people on the board, so we think we will make it.

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