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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paper bookmarks

It's the third week of back problems and it's getting a little better. My colleague who got double loads is complaining, and I don't blame him. I have been physically present at work, but haven't been able to do much. We went to the grocery store to shop for the Christmas party tomorrow and I could hardly lift up the groceries from the cart. I got backmassage at a fitness center Tuesday and afterwards I could really feel where my problem areas are. But it seems to have helped a little.

The desk duty this week was Wednesday and it was very busy. The visitors are supposed to order the books in advance, but sometimes the information gets lost on the way or is misinterpreted. This time I had to call my back-up twice to get assistance. If the visitor has travelled a long way we do our utmost to get the books right away. This afternoon I was asked to instantly retrieve a book that was placed in a remote storage. I sighed loudly. But the request came from the person who arranges the new exhibit, and he was desperate, since it opens tomorrow. So I got another colleague to drive me to the storage on the other side of town, and luckily it was easy to find the book.

I have spent the evenings of this week wrapping presents and creating some Christmas ornaments. I have a lot of paper bookmarks that I thought could be decorative, so I glued some of them onto cardboard and hung them in the tree. It was rather fun, but there is a huge mess in my living room now.

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