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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It has been fairly slow these three days at work. Most of the students have gone home for the holidays. There are the occasional scholar and people who do private research (mostly genealogy, but also newspaper reporters come in to check facts). During desk duty Tuesday there were three visitors in total, and one of them didn't even get any material to study (he mistakenly thought the newspaper he wanted was on microfilm).

I finally decided to use the gift certificate I received at work to get three pieces of cheese! Strange, but among the glass bowls and other things there was a choice of three large pieces of cheese from a specific company. The Christmas present my father gave to me when he visited turned out to be a wireless weather station, a device to put indoors and it will show outdoor and indoor temperatures, humidity, time, date and also weather forecast.

The snow has started to melt again. I hope it will still be a little left the next few days. Tomorrow morning I will go by train to Göteborg to spend Christmas Eve with my mother, sister, her family and her in-laws. I will return late Sunday evening.

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