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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas party

The new exhibit at the library was opened Friday, but I didn't get to see any of it. I was busy making preparations for the Christmas party in the evening. We collected china and utensils from the kitchen, arranged the candles, covered the desks in plastic sheets, installed a music equipment, got tables and chairs from the basement storage, waited for the food (arrived half an hour late), and ran around trying to make everything work. It was a tough job, but we got it all arranged in one hour (the library closed at 6 and the party started at 7). 43 colleagues from the network attended the party, which was held on the ground floor, between the information desk and the reception. There was a quiz (about comic strips), we handed out presents and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. The food was of very good quality also. Salmon, herring, turkey, ham, Jansson's temptation, salads, bread, sausage and quiches. Rice pudding for dessert. I heard several people say they preferred having the Christmas party here rather than in a restaurant (like we have the previous few years). It's just a lot more work for the board members to have it at the library. Though I avoided most of the cleaning afterwards, because I had to catch a train home (limited service in late evenings). Anyway, the party was very nice and I'm sure we will have it at the library also next year.

This weekend I haven't done much. I was tired and my back is telling me to slow down again. There have been lots of sports events on TV, mainly cross country skiing and biathlon. The Swedish teams do pretty well. I missed the Lucia singing on TV this morning (I didn't feel like getting up at 7 on a Sunday). It got colder yesterday, it's about zero centigrades. There is a light snowfall outside right now, which raises hopes for a white Christmas.

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