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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas decorations

My father and his girlfriend visited yesterday. We exchanged presents and went to the mall. My father also helped me get rid of the balcony mat (it was brought to the county recycling station), get the Christmas tree down from the attic and hang the Christmas curtains in the kitchen. I still can't lift my hands above my head. I also got some of the family heirlooms he has stored at his house. There were some old paper bookmarks, small ornamented boxes from Japan (his great grandfather was a seacaptain who traveled all over the world) and a wooden box filled with almanacs containing written accounts by his great aunt (dating from 1910 until the 1980s). Someday, when I get time, I will look at the almanacs more carefully. I just glanced at them now and they seem to contain short notices about the family members (births and deaths), trips she went on and people who came to visit. I especially noticed an entry from 12 July 1981 where it simply said: Claes and family have been here for a visit. That's us!

Today it was a Christmas market here in Kävlinge. The stores displayed their best decorations and had special offers, there were bake sales and lotteries. One shop had living clothesmodels standing in the window and the fabric store had made a copy of Cinderella's ball dress. I made some small purchases and then went to the grocery store.

This evening I also finished decorating the tree. It is now overloaded with bells, straw angels, small santas, tinsel, and other decorations in the shape of hearts, balls, stars, trees, horses, shoes, apples, pine cones, goats, violins, horns and drums. All the other decorations are also up. This year I decided to clear out some of the things, because there were too many items. I will give them to the charity shop in Lund.

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